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Photo test Page

Image Gallery: Easy to work with. Displays well. Click on image to scroll full-size, but caption does not show with full-size. Captions in grid can be set to only appear on hover. Captions apparently cannot include links/

Robo Gallery – Not as intuitive to work with. Slide show has more information. Hover can show links to further information (try it with the “Map before Division Street.” Has several options.

  • Click any button to see that gallery, Search All for all the pictures.
  • For the Search, try DOBSON, then try different buttons to see results in that gallery.
  • Click any thumbnail to start slideshow.
  • In Slideshow, look for a tiny ‘download’ icon under a picture. That will open it full-size in a new window. There you can use the magnifier if it’s a high-resolution picture.