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On April 202, 2024, Steve Peitzman and Nancy Pontone lead a tour of The Oak Road. Click here to see the tour description. Here are a few of the historic sites that we saw:
Alden Park 
Steel’s Stone Stable
Henry W. Brown residence (Timmons House)
Ivy Cottage
Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd 

Photos from the tour, courtesy Katharine Seed and Ellen Prantl. Click any thumbnail to view album full-screen.

On April 15, 2023, historian Brandon Zimmerman led a walking tour of Historic Mount Vernon Cemetery.    Also on the tour was cemetery enthusiast Josh Pincus.  Click here to read his history of the cemetery.  And click here for more of his photos. 

The cemetery comprises about 23 acres and is the final resting place of  33,000 people. It was established in 1856 in competition with its  neighbor, Laurel Hill Cemetery, as part of the “Rural Cemetery” movement  that held sway in the United States in the decades preceding the Civil  War. While smaller than the 87-acre, Laurel Hill, Mt. Vernon is  historically and architecturally significant. Both institutions’  gatehouses were designed by leading architect and landscape gardener  John Notman.  The cemetery, now undergoing restoration, is the resting  place of John Barrymore and other notables. Click here to learn more about the cemetery and restoration efforts. 

Below are photos taken by EFHS members on the tour. Click any one to start the slide show.

 This quilt, about 6 ½  feet square, is  embroidered with an image of the church, surrounded by 32 daisies. Within the  daisies are more than 600 names, all hand-stitched. 

Click here for “EF Historical Society solves mystery of ‘Daisy Quilt’” from East Falls NOW.

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